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Little Patriot Press knows that finding the right books for your library or planning activities and lessons for children can sometimes be challenging. That’s why we’ve come up with unit suggestions and activities for you based off of our entertaining and educational books. Please see below for these suggestions, and if you have an idea for an activity or unit, please contact us at

Unit Suggestions

Classroom Learning Guides!


Use Little Patriot Press’ Mice Tales to teach students about the American system of government! With fun activity suggestions and a lesson guide, these curriculum guides are great resources for teachers and parents!

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Three Branches of Government


Our government is a unique system of three branches that help keep each other in check. But sometimes this concept is hard for kids to grasp.

Enter Cheryl and Peter Barnes’ educational—and entertaining—books: House Mouse, Senate Mouse; Woodrow, the White House Mouse, and Marshall, the Courthouse Mouse. Used separately or together, these books make it fun and easy for children to learn about the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Like all of Cheryl and Peter’s books, House Mouse, Senate Mouse; Woodrow, the White House Mouse, and Marshall, the Courthouse Mouse feature an extensive resource section in the back just for educators and parents. Continue reading

American History and Founding Documents


The American Revolution and our founding documents can sometimes be boring for kids, but not when told through the eyes of Liberty Lee, an extraordinary mouse who lived through early American history! In Liberty Lee’s Tail of Independence, children follow Liberty Lee as he participates in the pivotal moments of our nation’s birth. From reminiscing about his mous-cestors settling Jamestown to participating in the Boston Tea Party to helping his friend Thomas Jefferson draft the Declaration of Inde¬pendence, Liberty Lee delights and educates children as he teaches them about the Pilgrims, King George, the Founding Fathers, and more! Complete with a resource section for parents and educators, kids will fall in love with Liberty Lee—and American history! Continue reading



Elections are a critical yet potentially confusing part of American politics. Make it easy for kids to learn about campaigning, voting, and the election process with Cheryl and Peter Barnes’ Woodrow for President! Featuring Woodrow G. Washingtail, a civic-minded mouse with presidential ambitions, Woodrow for President follows Woodrow as he runs for president of the United Mice of America. Woodrow for President also comes with a resource section in the back just for parents and educators to help flesh out your teaching lessons, reading hours, and more! Continue reading